Who We Are

About St. James

St. James is a small parish located in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. We are part of The Episcopal Church and we are located within the Diocese of Southern Ohio. The Episcopal Church is a part of the Anglican Communion, which grew out of the Church of England.

Parish Vision and Mission Statement

St. James Church is a Christ-centered, compassionate and nurturing parish that provides an inviting and intimate atmosphere within the Anglo-Catholic tradition where all people can be strengthened through spiritual formation and a life of service to neighbor. We do this through worship, social outreach, prayer, giving, study and fellowship.

How We Worship

As Episcopalians, we use the 1979 Book of Common Prayer and the 1982 Hymnal.

St. James follows the Anglo-Catholic tradition, which emphasizes the Catholic heritage and identity of our faith. This tradition influences many aspects of our practices and our liturgy, which is often described as “high church.” For example, at Mass we use incense and we sing many parts of the liturgy instead of saying them. We believe these rituals help us come closer to the mystery of God within us.

Our worship is intentional, but it’s not fussy or precious. We do our best to make our worship user-friendly. If you’re new to our kind of worship, feel free to simply come, be with us, and join in where you can. Don’t worry too much about doing everything “just right.”


Our community welcomes and fully embraces all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, nationality, ability, age, or religious background. The Episcopal Church welcomes and ordains LGBTQIA people, and the rite of marriage is open to all, regardless of gender. Click here to learn more about gender and sexual minorities in The Episcopal Church.

Single-occupancy all gender restrooms are available in the north wing of our building. If you use one of our multiple-occupancy gendered restrooms, you are welcome to use whichever one best matches your gender identity.

If you have questions about inclusion at St. James or in The Episcopal Church, or if there is any way we can better include you, please contact our rector at frphillipjharris@gmail.com.